Students seated on the gym floor in a circle around the pal-mac logo madrigal dinner performance Red Pal-Mac logo projected on the PAC stage Cast and crew of James and the Giant Peach Jr. all stand together on stage Football player in all red uniform extends with one hand to catch a ball Students who are sitting hold up their books Student hands off a box to a bus driver at the back of a bus in front of the Pal-Mac High School Student in light blue shirt holds a small American flag above his head amid a crowd of other classmates Students wearing gold medals around their necks stand next to their teachers in front of a white backdrop Student in tile multicolored jacket and an orange bowtie has his arms stretched out as he sings on stage girls soccer team Student gives a thumbs up to the camera Student walks through a human tunnel Primary School students stand the number 23 is spelled out by students standing on the grass A family poses behind a large red frame. It says #PalMacProud on it PMM Staff stand together Red Raider Mascot Students standing outside the Pal-Mac Primary School cheer on Pal-Mac leadership team stands together and smiles while wearing red tshirts that read "Pal-Mac Red Raiders" on the front. Student wearing red shirt looks at his paper while his classmate wearing a green shirt sits right next to him and looks down at his paper student flexes for the camera Pal-Mac Football team the grads of 2022 A student stands next to a veteran the pal-mac eagle high fives a student The Pal-Mac eagle leads a group of senirs Wide shot of concert on the green the girls soccer team Students march past Intermediate School kids stand in a line kid chalking Girls lax BEISBOL Lacrosse Bob Ike Kids gaming Kid posing for earth day Kids posing Intermediate students on Earth Day Pal Mac students at a basketball game A sign including the pillars of Pal Mac's mottos.



All students will receive a world-class, relevant education.



News & Announcements

District announces new Mission, Vision, and Core Values/ Blueprint for Action

Red colored puzzle pieces witht he words mission, vision, core values spelled out on the pieces


Please click on this article to learn more about the District's Blueprint for Action, as well as it new Mission, Vision and Core Values.


2023 Homecoming/Spirit Week guide

red and white text against an image of red fireworks. the text says pal-mac homecoming 2023

 Get in the spirit for Homecoming/Spirit Week 2023 by checking out our guide!

From movies to math work: Check out the Intermediate School's 5 new 'Lunch Zones'

Two students wear headphones and smile

A new lunch-time activity system at the Pal-Mac Intermediate School gives students choices from watching movies to getting lost in a good book. Learn more about the new "Lunch Zones" by clicking on this article.

Four decades of Pal-Mac alums compete in inaugural tennis tournament

Pal-Mac alums kneel together on the tennis court

Decades of Pal-Mac alums together on one tennis court. How cool is that!? Learn more about the inaugural  Canal Town Days - tennis Jam "Spread the Love" event by clicking here.

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