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Sportsmanship Dedication

Welcome Family, Friends, Community Members, and Pal-Mac Supporters -

I just wanted to remind you that proper behavior is expected and encouraged while attending our Education Based Athletic Events.  Our Coaches and Athletes are working hard in their respective sport to become the best player, teammate, and person they can become.  

In recent years, an official shortage has plagued New York and the rest of the country.  The number one reason for this phenomenon, spectators' negative and insulting  behaviors. 

As a result, The New York State Public High School Athletic Association, our overarching governing body has added language and a consequence to policy for such behaviors that we as a District support and will abide by.  

The change reads as follows: 

"Penalty for being removed from a game or event: Any spectator removed from a game or event will have a minimum penalty of completing the NFHS Parent Credential course or a one game suspension before they are allowed to attend any interscholastic event. Once the course is completed the spectator will provide a certificate of completion to the athletic department office. Schools are required to communicate with the offending spectator on the NYSPHSAA Sportsmanship Spectator Expectations." (pg. 47)

Please continue to support all of our athletes and coaches in a positive manner.  We can collectively provide a positive atmosphere for EVERYONE involved with Education Based Athletics!  

I look forward to seeing you soon!
Tom Schmandt
Director of PE, Athletics, & Community Services
Palmyra-Macedon CSD

Red Raider Oath:
As a Pal-Mac Red Raider Student Athlete, I pledge to:
Pursue excellence in the classroom and in competition.
Hold myself to the highest standard of sportsmanship.
Demonstrate self-control and integrity in my actions and words.
Be open-minded to learning various perspectives we each bring to Pal-Mac.
Support my classmates in the pursuit of excellence.
Be a positive role model and leader for my community.

We represent the one and only Pal-Mac.
I am a Red Raider!