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In the game of keeping active, eighth grader designs new PE game

Austin Carrier

You don’t often think of physical education classes as an environment which stirs the creative juices of students, but for one Palmyra-Macedon Middle School student, that’s exactly what happened.


Austin Carrier, an eighth grader in Mr. Brian Quick’s PE class, decided to devise a new game to get more of his classmates involved and add additional physical activity. The new game, which Carrier coined Battleground, puts a twist on the game Scatter (teams of students work to avoid being hit with a ball and are considered out of the game when hit).


Carrier arrived at the idea as he and his fellow classmates were playing Scatter and he noticed there were points in the game where students were not involved. After some thought, he realized there was a way to make the game more active for students while adding additional teamwork and strategy. 


In a typical game of Scatter, once you are hit with the ball, you are out. However, in Battleground, “Medics” can rescue those hit and help them get back in the game.


In order to get back in the game, “Medics” go onto the field of play and bring back those hit to a “safe” area.” Once the students are brought to safety, they must do either five sit ups or three push ups to become fully “healthy” again and return to the game. There are a variety of barriers and obstacles located within the field adding to the excitement of the game which is played atop wrestling mat surfaces for enhanced safety.


“Battleground is really fun because you are in the game the whole time,” said Carrier.


Austin’s teacher, Brian Quick, was amazed at what Austin was able to do. Not only did he devise a new game, but he also took the initiative to write out all of the rules to ensure the game will be used in future classes after he leaves middle school. 


Quick noted he expects Pal-Mac students to be playing the game for years to come.


“Battleground offers fitness and activity throughout the whole game,” said Quick. “It’s also a great way for students to interact and work together.”

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