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Palmyra-Macedon Central School District 

Dear Parents, Guardians and all District Residents: 

In an ongoing effort to increase effective communication among all the “stakeholders” in our students’ education, we have developed a communications checklist that should help you contact the appropriate staff members with your questions and concerns. 

In order to handle problems in the most effective way, it is extremely important to first contact the staff member most directly involved with the question or concern.  When someone contacts a Board of Education member or Administrator, they will be asked if they have contacted the staff member most immediately involved in the problem.  If the question is not answered or the issue is not resolved at a given step, the person should proceed to the next step.  The Board of Education would only become involved, if necessary, at the final appeal stage of the process. 

The primary responsibility of the Board of Education is to set policy for the school District.  Although individual Board members are willing to listen to your concerns, they can only act as a corporate body when they meet in an official Board of Education meeting.  The Superintendent and the administrative staff are legally empowered to administer the school district and put into operation the policies and decisions of the Board of Education, Federal and State Education Law, and Commissioner’s Regulations. 

Thank you! 

The Palmyra-Macedon Board of Education 

Primary Communication:

To child's teacher(s) or building staff: Parent Square
To a Main Office: (315) 597-3400, use the appropriate extension

Generic Help Form


Chain of Contact


Have you exhausted the list of appropriate contacts and matters have not been resolved?

Contact the District Office directly by emailing:

District Office Staff: