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JAN.23, 2024— An Intermediate School student took an idea, and turned it into a reality!

Lucille, a 4th grader, started a lunchtime Book Club, and it's catching on!
This group of students meets monthly during lunch and talks about the books they've read and gives recommendations for other books to read. Each student has an opportunity to share, and they're given a red foam finger when it's their turn.


Lucille thought up the idea last school year and started the meetings in the Fall. So far, the group is growing.

"We’re inspiring other people," Lucille said. "If they want to read other books, they can read them."

Gabriella, a group member, hasn't missed a meeting. She says she's met some new people and learned about some new books.

“I really like to read, I read a lot of new books,” Gabriella said. “Sometimes I like to share them with other people like my family.”

The group will meet again in March.






  • Palmyra-Macedon Intermediate School

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