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Some Pal-Mac student authors are celebrating the publication of their first book! Take a look at how it call came together, and the special message behind it, by clicking on this article.

You can also click here to view the video below


MARCH 13, 2023— A new book is hitting the shelves at the Pal-Mac Intermediate School library, and it was written by some students at the school!


Ms. Lyons' class recently learned about the publication of their book, titled “Spread Some Rays of Kindness.” The 22-page book features class artwork  and short write ups, all dedicated to the theme of kindness.


Students drew two examples each of themselves showing kindness and asked their classmates how they show kindness as well.


Front cover of a book called spread some rays of kindness. The cover features a hand-draw yellow sun with an orange outline and smile. It is front of a light blue colored sky

Kids drawing that says I love you dad on it


“I drew a picture of my Dad making me dinner, and I said I love you Dad,” said Amelia, one of the student authors.

Drawing of two people. One says "Hi i am drew, nice to meet you!"


“I show kindness by saying hi to a new student,” said Drew, another student author.


The class started working on the book in February as part of  “Kindness Month.” Lyons said it was a unique way to celebrate the month, but also teach the class all about the writing process!


As part of the process, the students followed the following steps:


  • Step 1.  Brainstorm Ideas

  • Step 2.  Write a rough draft and put your ideas in complete sentences

  • Step 3.  Revise and edit our writing for details, punctuation and spelling

  • Step 4:  Publish or share

  • Step 5:  Celebrate!  


Lyons said each student had a chance to add in two or three ideas in the brainstorming phase. She says it took the class a total of two to three weeks to complete the process.

They chose the name for the book based on a dance the class does often during their morning meeting - it's one of our five choices they get to pick from on a daily basis. 


From here, the students will fully celebrate the publication of the book with a book signing ceremony at a date to be determined.


In addition to copies in the library, Lyons said people can purchase a copy of their own by visiting and using pin # 8200397


 You can also call 1-800-867-2292


Class stands in a line infront of their whiteboard. They all have their arms in the air

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