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FEB.9— The High School Cafeteria transformed into a musical hall Thursday night during the High School's annual "Cabaret Night" performance.

Much like the options students are served at lunch, band members served up a variety of different songs and genres for the intimate crowd of family and friends.

The evening kicked off with the theme song from the Disney/Pixar film "Monster's Inc.," which was promptly followed up with a solo violin performance of "All of Me" by John Legend.  And that was just the beginning.

Over the course of 18 unique performances, band members displayed a mix of their music talents, humor, and even some fashion displays. For instance, a group performed "You Got a Friend in Me" from "Toy Story" while dressed as Woody, and the aliens from Pizza Planet.

Additional songs included Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata," Radiohead's "Creep," and "What Was I Made For?" by Billie Eilish, among others.

While the atmosphere was more casual than a regular band concert, Band Director Deb Davis credited the students with their hard work and preparation for the evening. Something she says, is indicative of their years of dedication to performing.

"Remember back when they were playing hot cross buns?" said Band Director Deb Davis. "They've come so far."

Prep work for the annual show began a few weeks prior to the show. Band members broke off into groups and brainstormed which songs they wanted to play. From there, those groups would play in mini circles spread throughout the music wing at the high school.

We had a chance to catch a rehearsal day in action, which included a peer review in front of the entire band. (If the embedded video does not work for you, you can click here to view it on YouTube)

In addition to learning new styles of music, some band members learned entirely new instruments.

Bryce told us he traded in his normal alto saxophone for a banjo in order to perform "Wagon Wheel," which was co-written by Bob Dylan.  Dylan also traded in the alto saxophone for a soprano sax in order to perform the Monster's Inc theme.

Some groups included other Pal-Mac music instructors including the Intermediate School's Emily Herrmann, and the Middle School's Elizabeth Kockler. Select Choir Director Katie Fisher also joined in on some vocal performances.

The event was free and opened to the public, but donations were accepted to benefit the band directly. There were also opportunities to by snacks and coffee from the PMHS Coffee Shop, which is operated by SLC students. 

Davis says the money raised from the evening is used to fund field trips, uniforms, and guest artists, among other opportunities.

Superintendent Dr. Bob Ike addressed the crowd towards the end of show and stressed the importance of arts education within schools. He credits the Pal-Mac Music Program, and directors like Davis, for their collective impact on students.

"The way that kids find themselves individually, and in groups and teams," Ike said. "The way they have stamina and come out and take a risk, the way they just share with you their talents."

The evening came to a close with an exciting performance of Wagon Wheel, which included beat claps from the crowd.


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