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Everything from Italian cooking to renovating a bedroom was quite literally on the tables at the Pal-Mac High School as part of the recent Personal Project Community Showcase. Learn more about the student-backed project here!

Group of students stand together. One has a black and white guitar around his body

MARCH 20,2023— It's no clickbait. Pal-Mac High School students presented a number of different projects during the annual  Personal Project Community Showcase on Thursday, March 16. This includes how to change a tire to presenting an argument for getting rid of homework, among other presentations.


The showcase is a part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme (IBMYP) and it featured the mentioned variety of virtual or physical presentations throughout the halls and the gym at the High School.


Lily B., a sophomore, chose to focus on cultural cooking. Specifically, Italian cooking.


"We learn about several cultures in school but I wanted to learn even more about it," Lily said. "I chose to research Italian culture and it was awesome to learn about their culture! I also wanted to learn new recipes."


Another student, Elise T., decided to highlight a monthly Pen Pal system she created between students and residents at a Wayne County nursing home.


" I wanted to find a way to help others and better their lives," Elise said.


Students pose with their projects


The evening was the result of roughly five years of students learning in the classroom, and close to a year of planning.


The IBMYP starts in sixth grade and goes through tenth grade. Per the program’s website, students develop skills in the classroom that they’ll be able to use when they get out into the real world.

The showcase is just an extension of that learning.

Shots of students behind big grey tables


Beginning with spring of their freshman years, students learned about the project itself and then started crafting a specific topic to research and present. 


Their work can be broken down in three pieces:

1. Learning Goal: students set a learning goal based on something they find interesting.

2. Product or Outcome: can be a physical object (e.g., model, invention, etc.) an event (e.g.,fundraiser, awareness play, etc.), or a creative piece (e.g., video, artwork, etc.).

3. Report: a detailed analysis of the entire project and process of development.  The report may be written, or recorded orally or visually.


The entire process wrapped up in March, shortly before the showcase. 


More pictures can be found here.

A teacher bends over a desk as a row of students sit with their project




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