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It's official: The Pal-Mac Class of 2023 has its Valedictorian and Salutatorian! Click on this article to learn more about the students themselves!


MAY 3, 2023— The Palmyra-Macedon Central School District would like to congratulate Katherine Perry and Charlotte Sanson, who were both named Valedictorian and Salutatorian for the Class of 2023.


Perry and Sanson were introduced at a recognition ceremony during the Board of Education's May meeting Tuesday night.


The two will both speak during Pal-Mac's Graduation, which will be held on Thursday, June 15 at Lincoln Hill Farms in Canandaigua. 


You can view a short write up of each student below. 


Katherine Perry

Perry (right) pictured with Dave Landon, Board Vice President

Perry (right) pictured with BOE Vice President Dave Landon

Katherine has been an academic powerhouse since before she stepped foot in the High School! In 8th grade she took two high school courses and scored a perfect 100 final average in both.


She has achieved an astonishing 15 perfect 100's in classes throughout the years, and is set to add 4 more to that total based on their in-progress grades for their senior year. She has pushed herself academically throughout high school, and will have completed 18 college level courses by graduation. Katherine's teachers had this to say of her performance in classes:


"Katie is highly motivated and extremely hard working. Her work ethic is well-developed and she demonstrates perseverance and initiative in class. Katie embodies the Pal-Mac saying of coming to school to learn, which is demonstrated by her accomplishment of being Valedictorian." - Kristi Caldwell, Science


Katherine continues to hold high standards for herself outside of the classroom as well. She has been a member of the Mastermind's team since Freshman year, and is the 3rd top scorer within the county bracket.


She has participated in Jazz Band the past two years, and lends her musical talents to our theater productions as well, serving as the Assistant to the Pit Conductor for Little Shop of Horrors, and assisted the pit for Mary Poppins.


Recognition of Katherine's dedication to academics and the school community has led to her participation in the National Honor Society, where she currently sit on the induction committee for incoming Juniors, as well as the recipient of the LeMoyne College Height's Scholarship.


Outside of school activities, Katherine is a dedicated Scout and just earned her Eagle Scout ranking (She is the 21st Scout to obtain this ranking in the Seneca Waterways Council). Her Eagle project involved renovating building at the Wayne County Fairgrounds. She has also lent time to other Scouts working on Eagle projects, helping make bike trails this past summer. Katherine also helps run activities as an Assistant Patrol Leader to the troop.


Katherine's future plans include attending college to study English, with the goal of becoming an editor. We wish nothing but the best for her!



Charlotte Sanson

Sanson is pictured with BOE member Sarah Newman

Sanson (right) pictured with BOE Board Member Sarah Newman


Charlotte has been an academic stand out from the start, choosing to accelerate in three high school courses while still in middle school. She will graduate  having completed a highly rigorous schedule that includes 16 college level courses, among other accomplishments. Charlotte's teachers had this to say about her performance in classes:


"I am particularly impressed with Charlotte's ability to take a rigorous workload of AP and IB classes, while at the same time running a farm business in which she creates, markets, and sells her own goat milk soap. I recall the times she told me that she was up all night with her birthing goats.  All in all, she exhibits maturity for her age and has shown great initiative in preparing herself to achieve her goal of becoming a veterinarian."- Matt Robbins, History 


"Charlotte is an absolute pleasure to have in class. Her literary insight is profound and rooted in empathy and the understanding of literary features and author's intention. She demonstrates diligence, preparedness, and resilience at every turn. She works to be the best version of herself and to overcome any obstacle in her way." - Kimberly Day, English


"I've had the honor to have Charlotte in my science classes for 2 years. She is a well rounded individual with many talents. She truly demonstrates a passion for learning that makes her success look easy. Although it is not easy. Charlotte has spoken of her family and her dedication to her work on their farm which has seemed to instill her strong work ethics and values."- Betsy Cowell, Science.


When not busy with schoolwork, Charlotte can be found in the pool - either as a member of the varsity swim team (she has been a member since 8th grade), the Victor Swim Club, or for her summer job as a lifeguard. She is also a varsity outdoor track member, and has been in National Honor Society the past two years. While Charlotte is a talented athlete, where her passion really lies is in working with animals.

She is a member of 4H and breeds goats and chickens, and shows rabbits. She is a 4H team leader at the Wayne County Fair, and is a Small Animal Super Showman Master.


She has lead her 4H team to volunteer their time for worthy causes, such as sewing bandanas for Lollypop Farm, or teaching members how to crochet baby blankets. Her love of animals has also lent itself to the start up of her own small business:


First Choice Farms, that sells Goat Milk Soap produced from her own goats.



Charlotte's future plans have remained steadfast since middle school, and her ultimate goal is to become a Veterinarian. She will attend SUNY Geneseo, with a plan to also attend Cornell University down the road.  In the past she shadowed at Keseca Veterinary Clinic which specializes in large animals, and has spent the past few years working and shadowing at Farmington Veterinary Clinic. There is no doubt in our mind that Charlotte will accomplish her dreams.


We wish her nothing but the best as she enters the next chapter of her life!



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