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OCT.3, 2023— Pal-Mac’s Instructional Coach for Innovation Susan Grammatico recently took part in a unique learning experience, more than 2700 miles away.


Grammatico spent the last four days at the Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California as part of Google Champion training. She was one of only a few educators in our region to be selected for the opportunity.


A “champion” is a member of the company’s three certified communities: Innovator, Trainer, and Coach. Grammatico’s held the trainer certification for several years.


‘I’m super excited,” Grammatico said.


Grammatico says the training focused on both current and future Google-related technology, with several briefings on Artificial Intelligence, or AI. 


“It’s about how students and teachers really understand how to use it responsibly and how it can actually enhance or improve your job or your learning experience,” Grammatico said.


The experience is three years in the making for Grammatico, who previously applied for the training back in 2020. The emergence of the COVID pandemic prevented her from traveling.


She says she re-applied because she felt it was important to stay ahead of the curve technologically speaking. 


Pal-Mac has used Google as its main provider of digital education tools since the mid-2000s, and Grammatico says the company’s technology continues to evolve. 


“We’re constantly looking at what improvements are out there in making sure the devices are on par with what kids need and getting ready for the future,” Grammatico said.


And she says a student can benefit from the technology regardless of their choice after graduation. Her efforts are a part of the District’s efforts to honor student growth and prepare them to be positive contributors in the future.


“She's probably one of the best people I’ve ever worked with,” Director of Information Technology Chip Dolce said. “She is well deserving of this amazing opportunity.”


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