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Several JV and Varsity student-athletes heard their names called as part of the 27th annual Athletic Awards Ceremony! Click on this article to check out our recap, including a full list of award winners.

JUNE 14, 2023— The Pal-Mac Athletics program took time on Tuesday to recognize its student-athletes accomplishments on and off the field during the 27th annual Athletics Awards Ceremony.


Awards ranged from team Most Valuable Player (MVP) and Ideal Teammate down to point scorers, among others. The points mentioned are awarded to students throughout their athletic career.


The final award for the night was the Outstanding Red Raider Award, which went to Avery Fedor and Molly Seither.


The ceremony was live streamed on the District's YouTube page, but a crowd of coaches and families were also in attendance. 


E PROGRAM (Featuring Award List)


The full list of MVP and Ideal Teammate award recipients can be found below:


Boys Cross Country

  • MVP: Dylan Fogal 
  • Ideal Teammate: Andrew Jennette

Varsity Football

  • MVP: Jacob Maier 
  • Ideal Teammate: Eamonn Denniston


JV Football

  • MVP: Anthony Porpora 
  • Ideal Teammate: Cormac Denniston


Varsity Fall Cheerleading

  • MVP: Aleigha D’Amato 
  • Ideal Teammate: Jamie Napoleon



  • MVP: Lacie Mitchell 
  • Ideal Teammate: Teagan Bross

Varsity Golf

  • MVP: Tyler Santelli 
  • Ideal Teammate: Cody Quick


Varsity Boys Soccer

  • MVP: Andrew Thomas 
  • Ideal Teammate: Ryan Hudak


  • MVP: Thomas Premyslovsky
  • Ideal Teammate: Jayson Bush


Varsity Girls Soccer

  • MVP: Maya Ikewood 
  • Ideal Teammate: Clare Boesel



  • MVP: Lillian Dentel 
  • Ideal Teammate: Jenna Lindstrom; Claire Nolan


Varsity Girls Swimming

  • MVP: Elizabeth Share 
  • Ideal Teammate: Katheryn Shoots


Varsity Girls Tennis

  • MVP:Austin Hager
  • Ideal Teammate: Erika Newcombe

Varsity Girls Volleyball

  • MVP: Erika Mitchell 
  • Ideal Teammate: Isabella Jump


  • MVP: Jordin Ingalls 
  • Ideal Teammate: Samantha Mahnke


Varsity Boys Basketball

  • MVP: Ian Goodness 
  • Ideal Teammate: Noah Brooks


  • MVP: Ryan Caffyn 
  • Ideal Teammate:Thomas Premyslovsky


Varsity Girls Basketball

  • MVP:Taryn Goodness 
  • Ideal Teammate: Erika Mitchell & Molly Seither



  • MVP: Addison Blair
  • Ideal Teammate: Havana Sullivan


Varsity Winter Cheerleading

  • MVP: Alexis Mitchell 
  • Ideal Teammate: Jamie Napoleon


  • MVP: Renee Mossmayer 
  • Ideal Teammate: Jason Nohe

Indoor Track and Field


  • MVP: Evan Cooper 
  • Ideal Teammate: Eamonn Denniston


  • MVP: Sophia Barclay 
  • Ideal Teammate: Danielle McDonald

Varsity Boys Swimming

  • MVP: George Newsome 
  • Ideal Teammate:Avery Fedor

Varsity Wrestling

  • MVP: Gage Burgess 
  • Ideal Teammate: Mateo Sloan



  • MVP: Patrick Castrechini 
  • Ideal Teammate: Noah Murray


Varsity Baseball

  • MVP: Noah Brooks
  • Ideal Teammate: Adam Grandusky



  • MVP: Brady Leo 
  • Ideal Teammate:  Anthony “Trey” Porpora & Thomas Premyslovsky


Varsity Boys Lacrosse

  • MVP:  Robert Kinslow IV 
  • Ideal Teammate:  Michael Halsey



  • MVP: Cormac Denniston
  • Ideal Teammate: Andrew Wood


Varsity Girls Lacrosse

  • MVP:  Reagan Diehl 
  • Ideal Teammate: Molly Seither



  • MVP:  Claire Nolan
  • Ideal Teammate: Elise Tome

Outdoor Track & Field


  • MVP: Mateo Sloan 
  • Ideal Teammate: Dylan Gilmore



  • MVP: Emma Robinson
  • Ideal Teammate: Sophia Barclay

Varsity Softball

  • MVP: Gianna DiNardo 
  • Ideal Teammate: Kiley Dohse



  • MVP: Seager Emerick
  • Ideal Teammate: Kristen Fong


Varsity Boys Tennis

  • MVP: Avery Fedor 
  • Ideal Teammate: Colin Henley
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