VIDEO: Pal-Mac Fitness Center organizer renews push to welcome new visitors

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FEB.27,2023— The Pal-Mac High School Fitness Center is not a new place, but organizers behind the center are launching a new effort to draw up interest.


The center, located next to the woodshop and the gym, is free and open to anyone from the community.


District Coordinator of Strength & Conditioning Colin Vega is leading the renewed charge to invite more students to come by. You may know Vega as the owner and operator of VIP Fitness, a gym off Route 31 in Macedon.


He said he wants the center to be a place where all students can work towards and celebrate their collective health and wellness goals together. Vega added that fitness should be a lifestyle and not a stereotype.


“The Pal-Mac Fitness Center is an all-inclusive environment that can help any student at any level become the healthiest version of themselves,” Vega said. “I hope to facilitate education in the proper form of exercises, programs, and variations of training solutions to the Red Raider family.


As part of Vega’s efforts, students created an Instagram page highlighting their in-gym achievements, like reaching personal records on the squat machine or bench press.




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“I love coming here,” said Jayden, a student-athlete. “I’ve been coming here every day since March of last year.”


In addition to supervising workouts, Vega offers one-on-one advice. It's similar to the role he primarily serves with the Athletics Department.


As mentioned, you do not have to play for a Red Raider sports team to take advantage of the center.


We talked to another student, Bailey, who does not play for a Pal-Mac team. He described the environment in the center as “welcoming and positive.”


“It’s a really good mix,” said Bailey. “You got athletes in there [and coach Vega] helping people who need it. They help somebody spot, or with their form and technique.”


The space includes 30 Physical Fitness Stations ranging from free weights and squat racks to medicine balls and cable machines. Students can also track their progress using clipboards or large whiteboards posted on the walls throughout the center.


But it’s not just about the machines and weights, as Dylan, another student said working out is a way to unwind at the end of the day.


“I feel way better physically and mentally,” said Dylan.


It’s a comment Jayden agrees with.


“Sometimes it’s more than working out to get big,” Jayden said. “Sometimes I come down here when I’m having a bad day and it clears my head.”


Whatever the center may mean to you, whether you go regularly or are a first-time visitor, Vega says the doors are open.


The center is typically open to student workouts from 2:30-3:30 p.m.  Stay tuned to the Fitness Center page for any changes.


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