Two High School students win national writing competition

Students pose with mrs. kim day and mr. andy wahl

Erika (right) and Ginger (left) pose with Mrs.Day and Mr.Wahl

JAN.18,2023—Two Pal-Mac High School students took a chance at a national writing competition, and now they’re about to get their pieces published for the world to see.


Students Erika N. and Ginger G. were recognized Wednesday as winners of the 2022 Young Writers competition “Twisted Tales.”


The contest tasked students to write a 100-word horror or thriller story.


Erika and Ginger found out about the award in a short sit-down with Principal Andy Wahl and their teacher, Mrs. Kimberly Day.


Erika submitted two winning entries: Never Tell a Secret and Burning Rage


Ginger won her only entry: The Hunting Adventure. Day submitted their work to Young Writers several weeks ago.

Two students sit at a big wooden table. they are both smiling

The moment the two students found out about the award


Their work was the only two submissions from Pal-Mac.


“This is a godsend,” Erika said.


Erika and Ginger are both self-admitted logophiles. This means they love to write. The contest was right up Erika's alley, as she frequently writes about horror or fantasy.


Ginger said the experience was a step outside her comfort zone, but she was glad to have taken on the challenge.


“I saw the poster, and I thought I could do that!” Ginger said. “This was different but really fun.”


Genre preferences aside, both students said the strict word limit provided an added challenge. The two are known to write more lengthy stories, with some write-ups clocking in at more than 2,000 words.


“I was thinking how this is going to work?” Erika said. “I was playing with the word count for so long trying to get things so specific.”


Ginger said she took inspiration for her story from her daydreams, which is how she typically plans out her stories.


“For me, I really don’t plan things as normal writers do,” Ginger said. “I let the characters take me and help me escape from reality and see things from a different point of view.”


As part of the award, Erika and Ginger’s stories will be published by Young Writers, alongside other student work. The stories will be available online and in printed copy. Erika says she plans to take on a creative writing major when she graduates in the Spring.


“It’s a fun way to have control over your own world,” Erika said. “It’s a way for your imagination to run free and express yourself.”


 Ginger said she will continue to write for fun. We will link back to the entries when they are posted online.

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