'Raiderbots' program busts out dancing, singing robots during showcase

Students and families look down at a white and bright blue robot. the robot looks like a car with four wheels

DEC.1,2022— When we talk about robotics at Pal-Mac, we're typically referring to the High School's team. But t what if we told you there's a younger group of robot fans who are currently creating some bots of their own? It's true, and it's happening at the Intermediate School. 


A group of students in the "Raiderbots" program put together Lego Mindstorm-based robots which can do all sorts of actions from dancing to talking, even picking up other items off the floor!


The program is exclusively made up of fifth graders under the direction of Mrs. Becky Wong. Recently, the group got a chance to demonstrate their work during a showcase in the Intermediate School's cafe.


During the demonstration, families and friends got a chance to learn more about the program, and what exactly goes in to turning the student's ideas into reality.


According to Wong, the group meets seven days after school for one hour sessions. They chose from seven different types of robots, though she says one group decided to free build their robot. The student controlled their bots by way of a program on their iPads.


25 students participated in this session of Raiderbots, with another session starting in January.


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