Pal-Mac welcomes new employees during orientation

A group poses and smiles


AUG.24, 2022—The Pal-Mac School District Tuesday welcomed some fresh faces to its work force as part of the annual New Employee Orientation, which was held in the High School Lower Cafeteria.

A total of 41 new employees are starting off the school year, and that’s across a variety of positions from teachers to transportation and facilities staff.


During Tuesday’s orientation, the new employees had a chance to interact with each other through a series of discussions and exercises that placed them in rotating groups.


Leading the activities was Instructional Coach for Professional Learning Kristen Wright. Wright said the purpose of the event is for the new employees to get a sense of who we are as a district and to welcome them to the community.


Kristen Wright

Kristen Wright 

It took new Sixth Grade Teacher Tom Vangellow all of a few hours to get a sense for what it was like to be here. Vangellow is joining the District after spending a year teaching in the Penfield Central School District.

Tom Vanellow

Tom Vangellow (left)


“[Pal-Mac] has that family-like connection,” Vangellow said. “Everybody is happy to be here.” 


Vangellow’s sentiment was shared by Bus Driver and Middle School Cafeteria Monitor Wendy Schlesing- Oseguera, who  joins Pal-Mac after several years as a driver in the Victor Central School District.  


Current Pal-Mac Director of Transportation Darren Everhart also previously served in the same District.


“People here are nice,” said Schlesing Oseguera.“They welcomed me with open arms.”


While Vangellow and Schlesing- Oseguera may be new to the Pal-Mac family, the District was able to welcome back a friendly face.


Wendy Osegura is wearing a green shirt with glasses and a red nametag

Wendy Schlesing- Oseguera


Caity DiBattista, a School Psychologist Intern at the Primary and Intermediate School, is making her return to the District. She worked a year and half ago in Middle School. Currently, the Long Island native is in her third year of graduate school at the Rochester Institute of Technology (R.I.T.)



Caity DiBattista (left)


She says she was drawn back to Pal-Mac because she felt the District was welcoming and open to new ideas.


“It’s been really great so far,” DiBattista said.  “I am excited to talk with more people in the future and work out a common goal for the year.” 


If you are interested in joining the Pal-Mac family, please see our job opportunities page by clicking on this link.


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