Pal-Mac Primary School students receive 'Good Deed Award' for honoring local veterans

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JUNE 13, 2022- Every student at the Pal-Mac Primary School Monday received a prestigious honor as part of their effort to recognize local veterans.


Read that again, every student received the honor.


Veterans from the American Legion Post 120 , and its Auxiliary, joined up with the students in the school’s gym for a special ceremony to present the school with the Youth Hero Good Deed Award.


The award is recognized nationally by the American Legion and is given out throughout the year to recognize the heroism and helpfulness of people under the age of 18.



The award given to students. It says Good Deed Award presented to


PMP students received the award because of their efforts to lead a parade past the post on Cuyler Street in Palmyra on Veterans Day 2021


Due to the pandemic, Veterans were unable to be recognized at the school as was done in the past, so the students put on their red, white & blue clothes, carried American flags, and marched around the block to the front of the post.


Students saluting veterans, who are off camera.


“Thank you so much for being amazing people,” Former Auxiliary President Kathleen Skinner said. “You are going to start coming up and help the [continued] building of towns of Macedon and Palmyra. It means so much to us that you would include the veterans in who you care for.”


The ceremony marked the first full-school morning meeting in three years. The meeting included the customary morning greeting, which was led by Lead Music Teacher Cindy Hill, and teacher Julie Newpher. Students also joined veterans in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.  Some students were dressed up as superheroes, as “Magical Superhero Day” was the overarching theme of the day.



Cindy Hill and Mrs. Newpher stand in the middle of a crowd of students sitting down in the PMP gym

The veterans in attendance also took part in the greeting.


“It’s very exciting,” Principal Jamie Murphy told students.  “I wonder if your heart feels the same way my heart feels, which is feeling really happy we’re all able to be together today for our very special morning.”


A very special morning indeed, as the award itself was given out in the form of individual certificates which had each student’s name on it.


Skinner said the idea behind the nomination was to show the young students the value of community, and to inspire them to take part in organizations like the Legion.


The students saluted the group of veterans as they walked out of the gym.


Students wave to veterans to their right as the veterans wave back

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