Pal-Mac leaders drop goodies off to students as part of Annual Home Visitation Day

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AUG 30, 2022— Normally, a schoolteacher or administrator knocking on your door could mean something serious, but on Monday, it meant a warm greeting was waiting on the other side.


Some Pal-Mac leaders took to the streets of Palmyra and Macedon to deliver welcome back bags to every student in grades Pre K- 8 as part of the Annual Home Visitation Day. The group consisted of all four building Principals and Assistant Principals, as well as various department leaders.


The effort has become a Pal-Mac tradition of sorts.

Each team member wore red shirts with the Pal-Mac logo on the front, and the word “Family” printed on the back. The group split up into different parts of the region to deliver the bags, and a special welcome back message.




Each bag contained a notebook, gummies, pencil (with sharpener) as well as some cool sunglasses, and a Pal-Mac wristband and sticker! There were also dog treats on hand for our four-legged friends.


The group started the event in the early morning outside of the district office, and then teamed up in the afternoon.


Throughout the day, administrators were greeted with smiles, hugs, and a few photo opportunities to match.


One parent was so moved by the event, he posted about it on Facebook:

I just wanted to take a moment to share a quick story. We are new to Pal-Mac as of this past May. My boys are at the Primary and Intermediate schools. We have loved it here since moving in!! The community and the schools have been amazing. Today I had a knock on our front door, and it was the principal from Primary School, and the Dean Of Schools. They came to bring my boys goodie bags and to give them a welcome back for this year!! I am just so touched by that and wanted to share it. We are so happy to be part of this community!!”


For anyone who wasn’t home at the time, group members gently placed a bag or two on the front porch.


Superintendent of Schools Dr. Robert Ike said:

"It's always a wonderful feeling to continue this tradition of going door to door to let our students know we've been thinking about them, and we can't wait to get the year started. We put family on the back of our shirts for a reason, because Pal-Mac is truly a family."


If your student doesn't get a welcome bag on Monday, call the Main Office of your child's school and we will take care of it!



The whole group poses for a picture. they are wearing red shirts

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