Pal-Mac High School Band presents annual Cabaret Night performance

You can also view the video below by clicking here

FEB.13,2023— The High School's Lower Cafeteria was transformed into a small stage as part of the annual "Cabaret Night" performance on Friday night.

Members of the Pal-Mac High School Band hosted the free and open-to the-public concert that featured a wide range of tunes from artists like Trans Siberian Orchestra, Metallica, and even Mario! Students spent the last several weeks practicing their songs in different "pods" around the band area.


The show marked the return to the cafeteria after a few years away. Last year's show was held in the Performing Arts Center to keep with COVID protocols. The 2021 show was held virtually.


While the show itself was free, people could purchase snacks, with proceeds going to the band.


Thank you to everyone who showed up!


Check out a photo gallery from the evening below, or by clicking here.


Flute player wearing a hoodie plays the flute while seated Full band including drummer and two guitarists perform while a trumpet player stands in the front and plays student plays a red and white electric guitar. he has a denim vest on and a yellow hat Flute player jams out with a black music staff right in front of him sax player sits and plays next to a tuba player. both are wearing plaid shirts student plays black, red and white electric guitar. A drummer can be seen playing in the background two sax players take the lead on the stage while a drummer drums on in the back side view of student sitting at the piano. A microphone is extended out near his face a student uses and upside down blue lowe's bucket as a hand drum student plays a red bass guitar while another student stands next to them close up of a student jamming on a blue electric guitar student strums a black acoustic guitar as he and another student sing next to each other Side view of another student playing piano. The piano is black, and behind the student is  a blue curtain that is lit up. student wearing green flannel plays the drums on a blue lowes bucket. He's using drumsticks. Teacher hands another teacher a bouquet of flowers.. that person is holding a saxaphone Students walk down a pathway in the cafeteria. they are holding lights above their heads Side view of the seated band playing close up of female singer side close up of a trumpet player who is standing two students stand next to each other and sing into a microphone wide shot of the seated band performing. their instructor is standing in front of them and conducting two trombone players play their instruments. they are wearing black top hats and sunglasses close up of guitar player playing a red and white electric guitar three guitar players are spaced out on the stage as they play their instruments close up of two performers. one is wearing a cowboy hat and is playing guitar. the other is seated next to her and singing side view of student playing a black piano close up of student wearing all black playing a red and white bass guitar close up of student playing the flute. wide shot of full band student wearing yellow hat is seated on the edge of the stage and playing his guitar student in purple plays the saxophone two saxophone players play right next to each other. band director plays the drums two saxophone players from the side look at a band that has two bucket drummers


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