Updated Health Guidance Pertaining to the Wearing of Masks in Schools - June 7, 2021

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As of 1:15 PM today, Wayne County Public Health has rescinded its mandatory school mask order. What does this mean for Pal-Mac?


For in-person instruction (inside):

Pal-Mac will revert back to its procedures in its original reopening plan. Students and staff are required to wear face coverings at all times not separated from other people by either 6 feet or a physical barrier. Students and staff must be prepared to don a face covering if another person unexpectedly cannot social distance. Face coverings must always be worn in common areas including entrances/exits, lobbies, and hallways when more than one person is present.

Appropriate breaks and health practices will be applicable including during class instruction and meal times. School staff will afford face-covering breaks to students who desire them at appropriate times and throughout the school day.


For Outdoor Activities:

Students and staff are not required to wear face coverings. Students and staff may choose to continue to wear a face covering at their discretion. Social distancing requirements remain in effect. Please Note: Should a student or staff member test positive for COVID-19, requirements for a 10-day quarantine for close contact remain in effect. Attendance at end-of-year school events, including graduation, would be jeopardized in such circumstances. 


While riding a school bus:

In order to ride the bus, all students must properly wear a face covering for the duration of the time aboard the school bus.


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