Intermediate School students donate more than $130 to Lollypop Farm as part of dog treat sale


Students in Ms. Lyons class are pictured with certificates they were given for donating money


JUNE 10, 2022— A group of students at the Pal-Mac Intermediate School made a big donation to a great cause Friday, and it was thanks in part to their hard work.


Students in Ms. Lyons class shared $135 with the Lollypop Farm animal shelter during a short ceremony. Lollypop Farm provides shelter for homeless or abused animals, and provides programs to help pets in our community.


The money presentation was the culmination of a multi-week homemade dog treat sale put on by the students.


A Lollipop Farm rep is handed the $135


We covered the sale when it first started back in April. The students spent days baking their own dog treats using simple ingredients, and then sold the treats in bags.


When the students presented the money they raised, a Lollypop Farm representative gave them a tour around the facility, and even presented each of them with their own certificates as a thank you. Each certificate featured a signature from the shelter's CEO.





Students in Lyons class are on a tour of Lollipop Farm


The students used other funds from the sale to install a new birdbath and bird feeder in the courtyard of the Intermediate School. The group picked out the materials themselves.



Students picking out supplies at Lowes




Lyons class with the birdbath they purchased from Lowe's


The sale itself was part of the class’s Unique Learning System, which focused on a monthly theme.  For April, the theme was "Make it, Sell It, Buy It." 


The students learned about needs and wants, goods and services, producers and consumers. 


Way to go!! 



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