Intermediate School students chat with News 8 meteorologist James Gilbert

Students look up at a projector screen. On the screen is a man wearing a white dress shirt and a tie. He is standing up


DEC.7,2022—  Third graders at Pal-Mac Intermediate School welcomed a very special guest Wednesday morning, News 8 (WROC-CBS) meteorologist James Gilbert.

Gilbert spoke to six classes of students virtually through Google Meet as a fun way to learn about weather first-hand.


Third-grade teacher Mrs. Wertz says the idea came up as students are currently learning about weather in their science classes.


A look at a computer screen with several squares of different people

Students listened to Gilbert talk about what meteorology is , how he became a meteorologist, the tools he uses to predict forecasts, and much more! He even gave students a quick tour of the green screen and some of the equipment he uses. 


Each classroom had the chance to each ask Gilbert a couple of questions like:  What makes thunder?  How does the water cycle keep changing? How do rainbows form? What made you want to become a meteorologist? 


"This was such a fun and interactive way to learn first hand about weather!" Wertz said.


Student look up at a large projector screen on a television.


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