Integrated Arts project brings music to life through pictures

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JAN.12,2023— A new art project is bringing new life to an old art style.


Students in the Middle School's Integrated Arts classes combined music and visual art to create multiple masterpieces that put the viewer on an interactive journey. People can scan the QR code located in the corner of each colorful creation to be welcomed by a student-created musical piece.


According to IA teacher Mrs. Nilsen, students used first used Apple's GarageBand to create an original musical composition that includes beat, rhythm, harmony and melody. The class then analyzed the work of Wassily Kandinsky, an early century artist that created paintings in response to music.  Kandinsky related sounds to color and shape. 


Students were asked to visually interpret their music using the basic Elements of Art:Color, line, shape, space, texture, form, and value. The project connects back to the core of what IA is all about, which is bridging Art, Music and Media Skills.


For student Rhett E., he chose to express a more "retro feel" for both his painting and song. His painting included vibrant orange, green and red tubes all throughout. Each colored tube represented the beat, melody and harmony.


Orange and green squiggle tubes sit in front of  ligth pink background


"I definitely enjoyed making the signs on the art," Rhett said. "It was interesting working with the music. I think I might do some of my own projects with [GarageBand]."


Fellow student, Zoe, said she took a more "dreamy and spacey" approach to her creation. Their painting featured more darker purples and blues mixed in with vibrant orange, blue and green squiggles. In the center of their work is a rainbow colored tear drop with a black music note. Zoe said they wanted to connect back to the communities they belong to.


Navy blue background with multicolored squiggles. in the center is a rainbow colored teardrop with a black music note in the center

"It was fun being able to design and draw all the little watermarks," Zoe said. 


The student's artwork remains on display in several hallways throughout the Middle School.

Orange blue and green are the dominant colors in this multicolored paitning. the blue and orange are featured in two large circles

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