Teachers, staff honored during 2022 Opening Day Ceremony


Teacher Kevin Schlegel holds a red gift bag as he receives his award BOE Member Amy Boesel stands at the podium Leaders stand at the podium Linda Christ receives her award as she holds a red gift bag A teacher  receives her award as she holds a red gift bag  Renee Herrman receives her award as she holds a red gift bag Joe McElroy  receives his  award as he holds a red gift bag  Ralph Brongo receives his award as he holds a red gift bag Teacher receives her award Courtney Cobb receives her award as she holds a red gift bag Leaders stand at the podium


AUG.31, 2022—Shortly before the 2022-2023 school year kicked off, the Palmyra-Macedon Central School District took time out to honor its teachers and staff as part of the 2022 Opening Day Ceremony.


The annual tradition puts members of the Pal-Mac team under one roof, and in this case, it was the Performing Arts Center (PAC) at the High School. The ceremony kicked off with an opening day address from Superintendent Bob Ike, and then it was time to give out awards.


Each award was read by members of the Pal-Mac Board of Education (BOE)


Additionally, several employees were recognized for their years of service, with many employees reaching milestones of 15, 20 and 25 years at Pal-mac.

The individual awards are listed below.




Primary School: Kathleen Short.

Background: Short was recognized because as her co-workers explain, she gives her all every day! One co-worker stated: "She is supportive of teachers, and students. She is patient, caring, and kind." 

Another co-worker added that she is continually recognizing the whole child and her ability to assist in the math support in the Primary School is outstanding.


Intermediate School: Linda Christ. 

Background: Christ has served the children, staff and community of Pal Mac in many different roles, including helping children learn to read and managing so many aspects of the day-to-day operations of the Intermediate School through her work in the main office. 

She brings incredible knowledge, positivity, love of people, creativity, and joy to her work! Her light shines bright as she embodies the Pal-Mac way each and every day. She really is the heart of Pal-Mac Intermediate School!


Middle School: Elizabeth Carey. 

Background: Carey was recognized for being a team player at the Middle School. 

One co-worker stated Carey is willing to help her co-workers whatever way she can. "She is very dependable and reliable and plays a role to work hard each day to keep the Middle School running smoothly.”

High School: Renee Herrmann.

Background: Herrman was nominated for her role with students in the High School. One of her co-workers said, "Renee has always gone above and beyond in any role she takes and is a leader for both staff and students alike."

Herrmann  is always looking for innovative and creative ways for students to learn material and she is always learning about new products and platforms to help her students.


Transportation Department: Joe McElroy

Background: McElroy started his career at Pal-Mac in 1986,  where he was a school bus mechanic. He continued in that capacity until 2002, when he accepted the job of Head Mechanic, a position he still holds to this day.


But that is only part of the story. In addition to repairing school buses, McElroy has helped out by driving them, monitoring on them, and at times, answering phones!

During his tenure as Head Mechanic, McElroy led a shop that, on numerous occasions, achieved a 100% in-service rate on all New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) inspections! This is no small feat because a DOT inspection happens every six months (as opposed to every year with your car), and something as simple as a defective clearance light can cause a failure.


McElroy has also been a wonderful colleague to the people he works with. He is always willing to pitch in where necessary, and he has helped many a new driver understand how our buses work.


When you do the math you discover that Joe has worked at Pal-Mac for over 36 years! That kind of experience has made him an invaluable asset to our district, our staff, and the families we serve.



Ralph Brongo


Background: Mr. Brongo started his teaching career at Pal-Mac in 1998. He has always been ready and willing to assist with anything a student or staff member has needed. Mr. Brongo has worked selflessly as a teacher and as an administrator throughout his 25 years of service to Pal-Mac.


He is not only a member of our Pal-Mac family, but a lifelong resident of our community. He values both equally.


"No challenge is too great for Mr. Brongo. It does not matter what Mr. Brongo is working on, if a question comes up or help is needed, he stops what he is doing to make sure the student or staff member is helped and that individual has an understanding of what was accomplished and the why of it. He is truly a great leader, supervisor, and colleague. Mr. Brongo is a true asset to the District.


Primary School: Cynthia Green 

Background: Green is a naturally gifted, talented, and caring teacher who was truly placed on this Earth to work with young children. 


When any one at the Primary Building hears the name Cindy Green, they immediately associate it with "Great Teacher" and strive to follow in her footsteps. (Though they are very big footsteps to fill).


Since her arrival in 2007, Green has demonstrated on a DAILY basis her love of children, positive attitude, patience and flexibility that not only make children feel comfortable to seek out her help, opinion and support but her colleagues as well. 


Green has made numerous connections with students, colleagues, and parents because she takes the extra time to get to know them and make connections, which in turn forms strong and everlasting bonds. She gets to know each student on an individual basis, speaks to them with the utmost patience that comes from a place of caring, love and respect.


Green is a master of teaching to the whole child knowing exactly when and what their particular need is, whether it is a different learning style or an emotional need. It is these small things that have been done throughout her career that makes Cindy Green unforgettable to students and colleagues.


Intermediate School: Courtney Cobb

Background: Cobb is always happy to be at school and has welcomed new staff members with open arms. The students always talk about how they have the"best teachers" - meaning her and Mr.Dlugosh. 


She is actively involved in the student's progress and happy to collaborate with other professionals. 

Middle School: Jessica Terrana

Background: Terrana is extremely dedicated and hardworking. Students state that they love Mrs. Terrana and look forward to going to Math. 


Students say that Mrs. Terran is funny, caring, and extremely helpful. She accommodates students based on much of the content that they understand and wants them to learn in the best way they know how. 


Not only is Mrs.Terrana an expert in the classroom, but she is super involved with clubs and activities. She leads the Student Council, a position she’s held for the last several years, is the Math Lead for her Department, and is part of the PM WayLighthouse Team.


Mrs. Terrana is extremely dedicated to helping students to see the light within themselves and deserves to be recognized for her contributions to the middle school, and the District as a whole.


High School: Kevin Schlegel

Background: Schlegel was nominated based on his involvement in the District, his outstanding teaching skills, and his relationships with students. 


Schlegel has been a true asset to Pal-Mac. He is the program assistant for the boys soccer teams and served as the assistant coach for many years leading up to his current role. He also coaches the First Robotics Team and has traveled with them to various competitions, to other schools to teach about robotics, and has even entered the robot in a Wayne County Fair exhibit. 


When he's not coaching, you can find him live streaming different events throughout the District while supervising a crew of students. He possesses a wealth of knowledge that he brings to his classes. Not only does he live-stream and films events, he also broadcasts full televised announcements and is able to instruct the kids in every aspect of that process. He teaches digital imaging from composition and lighting techniques, to post production editing in Photoshop and Lightroom, through printing, matting, and displaying images. 

He's taught Web Design where he teaches students HTML and CSS coding. He's taught 3D Printing with different types of printers. In the past, he co-taught a cross-curricular IB Film Studies class with the English department. He has an incredibly in-depth knowledge of each of his subjects and his classes allow students to work at their own pace, allowing differentiation and accessibility for any student who wants to take the class. He does all of this while making

learning fun.


Schlegel’s biggest asset as a teacher and coach is his ability to build relationships with his students. He encourages kids not just to be better, but to WANT to be better. He inspires learning both on the field and in the classroom. If there is something that a student wants to learn, he will go above and beyond to help them achieve their goals. He combines professionalism and humor to meet his students where they are and help them to see where they can go. 


He is well liked and respected by students. He is friendly, approachable, and a true team player. Teachers like him make kids feel connected, make them want to learn, and help them to succeed.


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