Pal-Mac student-athletes to compete in Wayne-Finger Lakes Special Olympics

The group

(Above, the 7-12 student athletes)


MAY 10, 2022— Several Pal-Mac student-athletes will be representing the district on the big stage as part of the Wayne-Finger Lakes Special Olympics!


Student-athletes in grades 7-12 will be traveling to Sodus on Friday, May 13,  while students in grades K-6 will be compete in "Digital Events" at the Palmyra-Community Center.


Some of the events the include the 50-meter, 100-meter, or 200-meter run. Students can also choose to compete in the softball throw or long jump. The "Digital Events" include at least one field and one relay event.  


District staff will time, measure and record the athlete's competitions. Results will be compiled from all participating school districts and published.


"I am very proud of our students, and I love to see the students compete and push themselves!" teacher and coordinator Angie Hoven said. "The whole day is filled with positivity as we celebrate all of our diverse student athletes from neighboring districts"    


The Opening Ceremonies start around 9:15 a.m., with the competition starting at 10 a.m. and going through 1 p.m.


The Special Olympics will be held at the Sodus Athletic Complex, which is at the corner of Benton Place and Route 88 in Sodus.






 A gallery is listed below.


Zach Wheeler, 7th grade Rory Palmer, 7th grade Noah Cline, 7th grade Nick Queor, 9th grade Megan Queor, 8th grade Karli Hood, 7th grade Jahiem Barclay, 12th grade Declan Neal Alex Queor Adam Perkins The group






















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