Students selling "Fresh Doggie Delight" dog treats for a good cause


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APRIL 22, 2022— Some Pal-Mac Intermediate School students are having a "doggone" time selling some freshly-baked dog treats, all for a good cause.


Students in Ms.Lyons' class are running a sale of their "Fresh Doggie Delights" treats, the sale started on Wednesday, April 20.


The group of four students includes Skylar, Drew, Nickelas and Lillian!



All four students hand-rolled and baked the dog treats using fresh ingredients like brown rice and oat flour, organic peanut butter, and pure pumpkin puree. This makes the treats gluten free for your four-legged friends!



Drew rolling dough



Lillian rolling dough



Nickelas rolling dough


A small bag of the treats is going for $3, while a large bag is selling for $6. All proceeds are going towards building a new bird bath in the courtyard of the Intermediate School.


The sale itself is part of the class's  Unique Learning System. which focuses on a monthly theme.  For April, the  theme is "Make it, Sell It, Buy It." 


The students have been learning about needs and wants, goods and services, producers and consumers. 


"Our store helps us to learn about all these concepts in addition to learning how to count money, add and subtract money and make change!" Ms. Lyons said.



The sale has already received rave reviews from some pups of our Pal-Mac staff.... even a cat gave the o-k!





A look at some of the happy customers



Here's how you can get a bag for your dog:


Students or staff can stop by Ms.Lyon's room at the following days and times:

Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:00- 2:30  Wednesdays and Fridays 11:00- 11:30  



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