You Are Here

Last Updated: 9/23/2022 5:13 PM

Map of Palmyra with a red heart over it that say you are here


Dear Pal-Mac Neighbors:


You are here.


“You are here” may be a strange way to begin a letter to you but we must recognize that at this time and place, we are all here at Pal-Mac. Whether we just moved into the community or have lived here for generations, we are here investing in this place we affectionately call Pal-Mac.


Having a sense of belonging here, the place we are at this moment, is critical. The Palmyra-Macedon Central School District is committed to ensuring all members of the school community have a sense of belonging and contribute to the belonging of others. To support belonging, our learning opportunities seek to create a safe and welcoming environment for all who enter our doors.


Let me be clear: learning is the District’s highest priority. It is the very reason Pal-Mac exists as a public school. It is the very reason that taxpayers support our school district. Caregivers send their children to school with the primary goal of learning. Our commitment to student learning is not to be diminished. Every member of the Pal-Mac staff enters the school’s doors and drives our buses to support our mission of providing a world-class education. Our students deserve it. Our community deserves it!


To do this, our educational approaches seek to create an environment where learning, through reflection and the exchange of ideas, is integrated and not isolated. We want students to own their learning, as well as understand how their ideas, thoughts, and perspectives are connected to others. The more students can see the world from different points of view, the greater the sense of belonging they can provide for themselves and others.


A positive school climate will help learning take place. School staff will work with students and their families to help students achieve expectations so everyone feels that sense of belonging.To support student learning, the following expectations are in place:


Attendance: In order to learn, students must be present in school for the full

school day. Together, let's help students develop healthy habits that allow them to be active participants in the educational setting. Let's work together to identify any barriers that may hinder a child from attending school regularly.


Behavior: Pal-Mac staff members understand the significance of mutual respect between students and staff. Staff members are ready to support students to be successful in the school setting. Students need to come to school with a readiness to learn and display a level of respect deserving of the school staff who are committed to their success. Use of vulgar language or refusing to follow school rules makes it difficult for everyone to learn. Students are encouraged to seek out the variety of support available in school to assist them with self-regulation, coping strategies, and following the rules. School staff members are available to help students learn academically, as well as deal with daily life stressors.


Cell Phones: In order to preserve the teaching and learning environment for all students, personal cell phones/electronic devices are prohibited in all instructional spaces, including labs,the Performing Arts Center, gymnasiums and areas which may be designated by school administration such as bathrooms and locker rooms. Personal cell phones/electronic devices need to be put away and made undetectable in prohibited spaces.


Student Dress: Parents are primarily responsible for student compliance with the Dress Code, which can be found in the Student & Parent Handbooks. Students should come to school ready to learn and be dressed for such an environment. Students must consider what they wear and make sure it is appropriate for school. It makes a difference for everyone to be able to learn.


The school climate is at its best when we see school as something that belongs to all of us just as each student has a sense of belonging to our school. When we consider how our behaviors impact others and act for the common good, our school is better for everyone.


We are asking families and school staff to be partners in learning. Teachers will teach and support student learning. Students need to come to school ready to access the amazing instructional opportunities being provided for them. Parents and community members are asked to support the school district’s endeavors for positive student behavior, good attendance, and a readiness to be in school to learn. TOGETHER we can achieve great things for our kids!


You are here.

We are excited to start the 2022-23 school year!


Dr. Bob Ike