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For more information, please contact:

Andrew Hyman

Public Information Coordinator

(315) 597-3411




District Communications

The Palmyra-Macedon Central School District communicates with its students, parents, staff and community members in a variety of ways. The Pal-Mac CSD Communication Office is located in the Administration Building at 127 Cuyler Street.

The District’s Office of Communications seeks to connect with the school community through its website, social media platforms  (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube) the Pal-Mac Pulse, news releases to print and broadcast media, in-person presentations to the community and more.


Community members, and Staff members in every building are encouraged to submit photos and information about exciting things going on in the classrooms and buildings for use on the web, social media and/or the district newsletter. Please submit photos, information and articles to


Photo/Video Submissions

Those submitting information to the Office of Communications should keep in mind the following:

Still photography

  • Make sure that any time stamps are turned off on cameras before taking a photograph.
  • Smile in photographs. 
  • Make sure that the camera is set to take the best photograph possible. Photographs should be large, in color and high resolution (260 dpi). Photographs that are grainy, blurry or with subjects that are too small will not be considered for publication.
  • Do not send copyrighted items, songs, videos or other items. Permission for these items must be received in writing. Corporate logos or photos that have been taken by other publications cannot be reused by the Office of Communications without written permission. The Office of Communications will not pursue such requests.
  • Clearly identify everyone in the photograph by listing both the first and last names of those in the image, from left to right and by row, from top to bottom. Grade level should be included. Photos without names will not be considered. 
  • All documents posted to the district website should comply with existing federal, state and local laws. ADA compliance is a top priority.


  • Make sure you are recording video horizontally if using a Smartphone. Vertically-recorded videos may be considered for publication, but will depend on quality.
  • Make sure what you are recording is clear and easy to see. 
  • If recording an interview with a student or faculty member, please have them clearly identify themselves by having them say and spell their first and last names WHILE RECORDING. If applicable, ask for a person's title for which they'd like to be recognized for. If they're unable to identify themselves on-camera, please identify them when sharing your video. Submissions without names will not be considered.
  • If recording an interview, please make sure the area is clear of loud or distracting noises. Seek out a quieter space if possible.
  • Do not send copyrighted items, songs, videos or other items. Permission for these items must be received in writing. Be careful when you're in an area where copyrighted music is being played, as the audio may be unusable.
  • Keep it appropriate. Submissions must be in line with the District's Code of Conduct. Any harmful/illegal or vulgar material submitted will be turned over to the District for review.


How to submit

  • Photos and videos can be submitted in a number of ways including through GMail ( or DropBox (  Submissions may require the use of Google Drive if the file size is too large. A How To on submitting files through GMail can be found here.
  • You may also submit pictures and video by messaging the District's various Social Media accounts (See above), though GMail or Drop Box are the preferred method. 
  • Please be sure to include any and all information you feel is relevant to the content (IE: Is it an event, an accomplishment..etc) Submissions with no information will not be considered. 


Social Media

The District boasts four (4) recognized social media platforms. Please make sure you are following the correct accounts, and please report any possible fraudulent accounts to the Office of Communications.


Click on the buttons below to access the official accounts



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