Peer 2 Peer

Peer 2 Peer (Peers Supporting Peers)


Pal-Mac believes

Each and every child deserves a world-class, relevant education, which includes participation in after school clubs, activities, and community events.


Peer 2 Peer was created because we understand

Every child wants and deserves to feel that they belong to and are a part of a community.  Every child wants an opportunity to choose an activity and have fun. However, some children need support to participate in their favorite activities. Peer 2 Peer can offer this support through trained student volunteers.  Every child is important, no matter what struggles they face.


How does Peer 2 Peer work?

Peer 2 Peer offers students with special needs in the Pal-Mac district, grade 3 to 21 years old, the opportunity to participate in peer supported extracurricular and community activities.  Pal-Mac student volunteers, in grades 8th to 12th, can provide this peer support.  Participants and trained volunteers are paired  for activities based on the participant’s choice. These events or activities may include school activities, recreational programs, scouting, or  religious classes.  Pal-Mac Peer 2 Peer volunteers may join participants at a school dance, a Palmyra Community Center activity, or Pal-Mac’s open swim on Friday nights.  Whatever the event or activity, the goal is for every child to participate and enjoy just being a kid.


If you are interested in becoming a Peer 2 Peer participant or volunteer, please contact Renee Herrmann at or call her at 315-986-3206.