Library & Research Curriculum

The Palmyra-Macedon Primary School Library and Research curriculum is aligned with the
Empire State Information Fluency Continuum.


What is Information Fluency??

Inquiry is the foundation of teaching and learning.  Students follow their sense of wonder to discover understandings, ideas and insights about the world around them.  Students who are information fluent first connect with what they already know, they ask good questions about what they do not know, they investigate the answers to their questions, they construct new understandings and communicate to share those understandings with others.   


Empire State Information Fluency Continuum Standards

Thinker Cloud

Standard 1
Using inquiry to build understanding and create new knowledge

 An independent learner asks authentic questions, and accesses, evaluates and uses information effectively to develop new understandings. 


This standard is the core of our library and research curriculum.  Here are the key components of what inquiry looks like in action:

  • How do we know when we need information?
    (Creating good questions and
  • Where can we find information?
    (Categorizing, sequencing and learning about organizational structures.)
  • How do we select the best information?
    (Learning about resources in multiple formats; using close reading and other strategies to identify points of confusion and to pull out important information.)
  • How do we organize our information?
    (Using various types of graphic organizers--or bubble pages as we call them; taking notes/summarizing what we have learned.)
  • How can we share our learning?
    (Using various technology tools to create products to share; crediting our sources; public speaking and presentation)
  • What do we think of our work?
    (Reflection, checklists, self-assessment and goal setting.)



Explorer Cloud

Standard 2
Pursuing personal and aesthetic growth

An independent learner responds to and creates literary and artistic expressions, uses effective strategies for personal exploration of ideas, and reads on his or her own by choice.




Citizen Cloud

Standard 3
Demonstrating social responsibility

An independent learner contributes to the learning community by seeking multiple perspectives, sharing his or her understandings with others, and using resources and information ethically.