The Super Three Research Model

The Super Three Research Model

Palmyra-Macedon Primary School students learn to use the "Plan, Do, Review" research model when they have an information need.  Library research projects are designed so that students move through each step of the process while monitoring their own progress and assessing their own work. The Super Three model can be used for any job from researching dinosaurs to planning a birthday party!



Step 1:  Plan   Apple Worm

We plan before we start a project.  We ask ourselves questions such as:

  • What is my question or job?
  • What do I need to do to answer my question or finish my job?
  • Where can I look for my information?
  • What will my project look like when it is finished?


Step 2:  Do      Apple Worm 

We are very busy when we do!  We spend a lot of time collecting our information and taking notes so we remember what we learn.  We think about things like:


  • I need to pick out the most important information.
  • How can I organize the information I find?
  • How can I share what I learn?


Step 3:  Review   Apple Worm 

When we review we look at the work we have done.  We always review at the end of our project, but sometimes we also review in the middle of our work to decide if we need to change or add to our plan.  We ask ourselves things such as:


  • How did I do?
  • Did I find the information I needed?
  • Do I need any other information?
  • Where else could I look for information?
  • Does my project look the way I want it to look?
  • Did I use my work time well?