Responsive Classroom and DASA

The Dignity for All Students Act(DASA)is legislation that in the simplest terms was created with the goal that schools will create a safe and supportive learning environment where all students can learn and focus rather than fear of being discriminated against and/or verbally and/or physically harassed. All students have the right to attend school in a safe, welcoming, kind and caring environment.


The Primary School and the District started this work will in advance of the legislation.  Through teaching important character traits through the Pal-Mac Way, offering social/emotional supports through Primary Project, mentoring and services through Wayne Behavioral Health and Catholic Charities.  


We know that the solution to bullying is to be preventative.  If we help children feel connected, feel valuable, understand others perspectives and develop their own self-confidence then children are less likely to bully. Therefore, the Primary School has committed to implementing the Responsive Classroom approach into the school.  A link is provided for those interested in learning more about these approaches being integrated into the school.  Our staff has received training on a variety of the Responsive Classroom elements such as Morning Meeting, First Six Weeks, Teacher Language, and developing school rules and routines.


We also know that bullying is not just a school problem, we all own it. Families, youth organizations, and the community all have to understand the issues that relate to bullying and the need to support children in and out of the school setting and to set the standard through our own actions and to continue to stress the message of treating all with respect and caring.


To see our school community in action, please visit our Primary Cast section of our website.  Here you will see how we are celebrating citizenship, embracing character education, and creating a positive learning.


District and School DASA Coordinators

District Coordinator
John Strachan


Primary School Coordinator
Emily Robischon 


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