Student Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program with Garlock Sealing Technologies, Inc.


For over 20 years, we have been successfully matching students with trained adult mentors (management professionals from Garlock Sealing Technologies).  Mentor are interviewed, selected and trained for their roles in working with young students.  Participating students meet once a week, in the school setting, with their mentor for lunch and 20-30 additional minutes to do a game, craft, story reading or other activity. The goals of the mentoring program are to provide students with additional caring and positive adults who can help support the student in further developing their communication skills, confidence and personal growth.  Each student is matched to a mentor who has common interests or complimentary personalities.  Students look forward to their "mentor" day and so do the mentors!  The mentoring relationship can follow a student as they proceed to the next grade or it can last for only one year.  We have had some students continue to meet with their mentor into their high school years!          


Students are selected for the mentoring program for many various reasons: to build their confidence, to engage the child more in school and give them a sense of belonging, to provide opportunities to practice their social skills, to help them cope with a loss, to relieve some stress in their life and many other reasons.


Please contact the school counselor if you have any questions about the Mentoring Program.