Counseling Partnerships

Participation in any counseling service is always confidential.  Emotional health issues can affect how well a child does in school, family relationships and ability to make friends.  By identifying emotional concerns early, you can help your child get the support they need and help yourself get the support you may need.


Catholic Charities of Wayne County - Early Intervention Program (EIP)


Catholic Charities of Wayne County works with local schools and families to assess and counsel elementary children with a wide variety of emotional, social and/or behavioral difficulties. We are very fortunate that through grant funding, Catholic Charities is able to dedicate one of their licensed social workers to assist families and students at our Primary School.  Once a week, this counselor meets with students individually or in small groups at our school setting.  This counselor also meets and/or contacts the child's parents and the child's teachers regularly to set goals and share progress.  Please contact the school counselor to explore if this service would be appropriate for your child.


FACT- Families & Communities Together


The Wayne County Department of Aging & Youth assist s our school in providing  outreach counselors to assist our students and their famlies who may have multiple concerns. The outreach counselor meets with the family and together they talk to identify strengths and goals and to decide what services would work for best for the family.  The counselor then works to link the families to available support services to help reduce any stress/crisis and difficulties that the family may be experiencing.  Families can be referred to FACT when a child is having difficulty with their behavior at school or at home. Participation in FACT is voluntary.  Please contact the school counselor to explore if this service would be appropriate for your child and family.     


Child & Family Clinic Plus- Wayne Behavioral Health Network- created by the Office of Mental Health to promote emotional wellness early to help parents and children get the support they may need.


Child & Family Clinic Plus ia a free, confidential screening conducted by a mental health professional trained to carefully assess your child's emotional health yearly as you would take them for their wellness checks, vision and hearing testing.  The screening will help you decide if your child may have an emotional health issue that would benefit from a futher, more detailed assessment.  For children ages 2 - 10 years of age, a parent survey screening form will need to be completed.  For children/adolescents a youth form will be completed by the child.  Screening forms/surveys are completed with pen and paper. The results are confidential and will only go to the Wayne Behavioral Health Network screener and will NOT be shared with the school or anyone else without your prior, written consent.  You will be notified by letter or phone about the results of the screening and if your child is recommended for further assessment.  Our school district sends all K-12 parents/guardians information about this voluntary screening every year in efforts to serve all children and all families.