Counselor's Role

What is a counselor's role at a primary school?  As a school counselor, I respond to the needs of students and parents through a variety of ways: individual and group counseling, classroom presentations, as well as parent-teacher conferences and parent consultations.  I collaborate with teachers, parents, administrators and the school psychologist to make every situation the best we can.  Through counseling, I help students develop new skills, address their feelings and work with them in brainstorming storming and practicing strategies to cope with future concerns.


School presents new experiences, new schedules and new expectations for children.  We have many caring teachers and staff, along with programs to support children in being successful.  Our goals are for all Primary students to discover their unique talents and to feel a sense of belonging in their classroom and in our school community.


I encourage parents to call or e-mail me if you have concerns.  Together we can work as a team to help your child learn and grow!