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I'm glad you came to visit!


Spend some time learning about the Counseling Program & Services at Palmyra-Macedon Primary School by exploring this webpage.  A counseling program serves each child through monthly classroom visits and serves many children through other class, individual and group counseling programs. Classroom lessons focus on specific topics according to the ASCA American School Counseling Association and the New York State learning standards in the areas of social, personal safety, academic, characer and career development.


If you have concerns about your child, please call 315-597-3475, ext. 4115 or schedule a confidential conference with me.  In addition, you can always e-mail me at  FAX# 315-597-6903.


My office is room 115, located near the main office.


I want every child to enjoy learning, enjoy friendships and develop skills in making positive choices.  As you look through this webpage I hope you will find helpful information.


Click here for the Palmyra-Macedon Comprehensive Counseling Plan