Counseling Services

As a School Counselor, I respond to the needs of students and parents through individual and group counseling as well as parent-teacher conferences.  I collaborate with teachers, parents, administrators, and the school psychologist to make every situation the best we can.  In counseling I help student’s resolve concerns, address their feelings, and work with them in brainstorming strategies to cope with any problems and/or issues in their future.  I have an open door policy.  All students are welcome to drop by my office at any time and parents are welcome to call or email me. 


Individual: Meets with students in a 1:1 setting to assist with social/peer issues, and family concerns.


Groups: All of my groups are during their lunch period 1 time a week.  There are typically 4-8 children per group. 


  • Lunch Buddies-Lunch Buddies is a low-key, stress-free opportunity to have lunch with a few other children from their grade.  We go around the table and talk about how their week is going for them in them in school.  We discuss important concepts like being a good friend, sharing, bullying, etc. 
  • Organization- In this group we work on the student’s organizational skill that can be used at school, as well as at home.  Each week we work on an organizational check lists that will help them manage their homework, as well as help them keep their desks and area around them organized.
  • Social Skills/Friendship- In this group we work on the skills that are needed to create a long-lasting , positive friendship.  Through activities and role playing we also work on the skills to make appropriate decisions in social situations.
  • Changing Families-In this group we discuss topics such as living in two homes, dealing with friends and family, loyalty conflicts, parents new friends and their children and new stop parents.  This group is fun, supportive, and provides a safe place to express feeling about divorce or separation.  It is for any child whose family structure has changed.