Reminder: Keep Your Contact Information Up To Date

During the 2020-21 school year, ensuring contact information on file with the Palmyra-Macedon Central School District is key. The district will utilize its messaging systems to relay important announcements regarding COVID-19 along with other relevant updates.


To ensure announcements and updates are received, the district asks parents and guardians to make sure information within the student information database, SchoolTool, is accurate and up to date. SchoolTool data is used to populate contact lists. The primary contact in SchoolTool is determined by the home residence of the student. The district also maintains emergency contacts, which can include multiple contacts and may be utilized when the primary contact is unreachable.


Information can be updated at or by contacting the main office of the school site of the student(s). Parents and guardians are encouraged to update information immediately following any change in status. When a situation arises which requires direct notification of a parent or guardian outside of the mass messaging system, the district utilizes the primary contact listed in SchoolTool.


Pal-Mac has students with a wide variety of living situations unique to each family. In having a singular contacting process, it allows the district to have a clear and easily identifiable strategy for all families across the district. The process helps information to be disseminated concisely to the parents and guardians at the home which the student resides. The responsibility and expectation is the primary contact will then serve as a conduit to provide information to those additional parties that may need to be included in the process.

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