Hate has no home at Pal-Mac

Each day, the Palmyra-Macedon Central School District works to foster an inclusive and welcoming learning environment. Harassment and bullying of any form, including hate speech and racist language, is not acceptable.


In the event a student hears the use of hateful/racist speech or has such language directed at them or a fellow classmate, the situation should be brought to the attention of a Pal-Mac staff member as soon as possible. Parents and guardians are encouraged to contact the School Counseling Office or DASA Coordinator should they have concerns regarding hate speech and/or bullying they believe is taking place.


Based on established district policies, any reported allegation is taken seriously. Per privacy guidelines and district policy, the district does not publicly discuss specific allegations, investigations or disciplinary action. Be assured the district will take appropriate action based on the circumstances of each situation.


The district encourages parents and guardians to speak with students about the importance of treating others with respect and the harmful impacts of hateful language.


If you see something, say something. By the actions of each individual, Pal-Mac can be an even better place to grow and learn.

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