Pal-Mac Health Update

Pal-Mac Health Update
From the Desk of the Superintendent
January 26, 2022


Good afternoon,


The events this week in a NYS Court to uphold the mask mandate have led to various reactions in our community. 


I understand the fatigue with the pandemic and frustrations over masking, but the school district has a responsibility to maximize the safety of all students and staff. 


It is not about a compromise between differing beliefs, but instead, it’s about taking into consideration a number of factors.


Specifically, I have received input and directives from the Commissioner of Education and the Commissioner of Health, as well as the expertise of the schools' insurance carrier, the school district's attorney and the district's medical director. All of these resources indicate that masks are still required in schools and that the district must follow its health plan. I have to consider any liability to the school district and adhere to all requirements to manage risk.


As such, students who refuse to wear a mask will not be able to remain in school at this time. 


Additionally, it is unfortunate I need to address this, but abusive language towards school staff members, profanity, or other disruptions to the school environment will not be tolerated. They serve as a distraction to the mission of our school district and create unsafe situations. 


Our community, by and large, has championed in-person learning for our students. To do this, the district created its health plan with the intention of keeping students in school to the extent possible. We should all be proud of the numerous events students have been able to participate in this year, including musicals, ski clubs, and a number of athletic events.


All of this has happened because we have followed our health plan which has resulted in our schools being open. 


I understand the court system will continue to hear the current case around the mandate. Please know that I am following this matter very closely and any updates that require changes to the district's health plan will be considered as soon as possible. 


Stay tuned for future health updates from the district for any changes to the district’s health plans and protocols.


Thank you for your continued understanding and support. 



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