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"Together we can make a difference" 


Mission Statement


To promote a better understanding between teachers, parents, and students on a social, cultural, and academic level for the benefit and betterment of our youth and community.




District President: Kris Murphy
District Secretary: Renee Herrmann\
Financial Rep Grad Span Pre k-5: Jackie Steins
Financial Rep Grad Span 6-12: Missy Walker
Grad Span Reps:

Pre-k-2: Amanda Scotchmer
3-5: Missy Perry
9-12: Kathy Short

Attention Seniors Class of 2018 and parents of seniors:

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Event Information
An on going event this year is TOPS FOR EDUCATION.   Register your Tops bonus card, Choose the Palmyra Macedon Senior High and we will be getting money from Tops!